Roman Karmazin: “Mayweather tried to knock Paul out, but it didn’t work”

Roman Karmazin: “Mayweather tried to knock Paul out, but it didn’t work”

Former world champion Roman Karmazin admitted that American video blogger Logan Paul surprised him in a fight with Floyd Mayweather, having stood the entire distance against the legendary boxer.

“In fact, I was surprised, because after all, a blogger who was engaged in boxing insofar as, not even a professional, showed good boxing, dangerous for Mayweather. Floyd did not risk it in this fight, he just brought everything on points, because What you can really miss. The level of this Paul is really high. Not super-duper, but an accidentally missed blow could end in the other direction. Therefore, Mayweather did not risk it, he brought everything quietly and peacefully on points.

I think he tried to knock Paul out, but it didn’t work. It’s just really dangerous. Understand for yourself: everyone came to the show, everyone wants a knockout, blood. It was just boxing – it was dangerous, it threw crooked punches clumsily. But there any blow could end not in favor of Mayweather. He could have missed, and everything would have ended the other way.

Therefore, Mayweather skillfully, competently worked, did everything on points. You all saw for yourself that Mayweather won, of course, but there was no spectacle, “said Roman Karmazin in an interview with the Ushatayka: Sport-Express YouTube channel.

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