Rowan Atkinson dreams of getting rid of the “tiresome” role of Mr. Bean


The actor wants to break out of the clutches of his usual role.

Rowan Atkinson has played Mr. Bean since 1990 and is literally the United Kingdom’s most famous television hero to a worldwide audience. A sitcom – or, as Atkinson himself puts it, a visual embodiment of humor – does not need translation into foreign languages ​​and is perfectly perceived in most countries of the world.

In one of the first interviews of 2021, Rowan Atkinson stated that he was tired of Mr. Bean and found this image tiresome. Literally tomorrow, January 6, the actor turns 65. He already has successful and promising projects behind him as a screenwriter, producer and even a writer, but wants to play on-screen roles that are different from Mr. Bean.

Animated films about this character have become a significant step in this direction. As Atkinson said, a gradual departure from the usual role is more suitable for him, so it is easier and more correct to voice Mr. Bean. Now the work on the animated series is being completed, a full-length animated film is being prepared with the tentative title Mr. Bin.

“I’m tired of this role and am looking forward to finishing work on Mr. Bean in order to get rid of the burden of responsibility. The comedic success of this character never surprised me, but I am tired of the monotony of this success, ”summed up Rowan Atkinson.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yuri Hasanov

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