Rudy Giuliani causes a sensation with a bizarre appearance

Rudy Giuliani causes a sensation with a bizarre appearance

Donald Trump’s lawyers throw adventurous reasons for his election defeat at a press conference. Trump’s longtime confidante Rudy Giuliani is also ridiculed for hair dye.

The private attorney of US President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, caused a sensation at a press conference on alleged election fraud with wild verbal attacks on the US Democrats and journalists. The former New York mayor accused reporters present in the capital Washington on Thursday of “pathological hatred” of Trump, criticized the media for “hysterical” reporting on the president and repeatedly accused a journalist of “lying”. Giuliani also accused the media of “censoring”.

In the press conference, which lasted more than an hour and a half, Giuliani, who leads Trump’s legal team in contesting the election results, repeated the fraud allegations that had been spread for days. There was a “national conspiracy” to prevent Trump from being re-elected in the November 3rd election. Election winner Joe Biden’s Democrats are “crooks” who have committed electoral fraud in key states “to steal an election from the American people.” The Democrats manipulated the election with the help of communists from Venezuela. They also insist on the repeatedly refuted allegations that the software used in the count converted votes for President Trump in favor of his victorious challenger Joe Biden. However, the electoral authorities stress that there is a paper receipt for every vote cast.

Giuliani presented at the press conference at Trump’s Republicans’ headquarters in Washington, among other things, affidavits from witnesses who reported alleged electoral fraud. Some of the allegations have already been denied. After the press conference, numerous observers said that Giuliani’s allegations were baseless.

Biden calls Trump’s blockade “completely irresponsible”

At the same time, the Trump side lost in court proceedings in the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona on Thursday alone. In Georgia, Biden’s election victory in the state should be sealed on Friday by the official confirmation of the results. So far, the Trump side has collected more than 30 slaps in court, with a small success. Giuliani, promised further lawsuits.

Biden called Trump’s blockade attitude “completely irresponsible”. His refusal to recognize the result of the November 3rd election is damaging the reputation of democracy. Regarding Trump’s efforts to undermine the election result, Biden said he would make the history books as America’s “most irresponsible president”.

Giuliani claimed, however, that he could prove that Trump did not actually lose the important state of Pennsylvania, but won it by a margin of 300,000 votes, and Michigan by 50,000 votes. Among other things, ballot papers were scanned several times. Giuliani’s statement: “I think it is a logical conclusion that there was a joint plan that emanated directly from the Democratic Party and its candidate.” There was no evidence of that either. Giuliani was once a prosecutor himself and later mayor of New York.

Trump attorney is ridiculed

Meanwhile, there was amusement that the heavily sweating Giuliani apparently ran hair dye sideways over the face. Photos of the 76-year-old with brown stripes on his cheeks quickly became a hit on online networks. A journalist from the conservative news broadcaster Fox News spoke of a “colorful press conference” – and then emphasized: “So much of what he said is simply not true.”

Giuliani’s appearance, which was broadcast live in full by Fox News, not only caused amusement, but also serious worries. Christopher Krebs, who was recently fired by Trump and who was a senior government official responsible for securing the elections, described the press conference on Twitter as “the most dangerous 1:45 hour TV in American history”. “And probably the craziest,” he added.

State results are key to winning a presidential election. The head of state is not elected directly by the people, but by electorates who cast their votes according to the results in their state. According to calculations by the US media, the Democrat Biden has 306 electorates behind him, he needs 270 for the presidential election. Trump has 232 electorates. Pennsylvania is a particularly valuable state with 20 voters, Georgia has 16 votes, and Wisconsin 10.

In Pennsylvania, the Trump side, under the direction of his longtime personal attorney, is calling in a lawsuit, which has been revised for the second time, not to confirm the election result in the state at all. Instead, the local parliament – in which Republicans have a majority – should appoint the electorate. The goal: These elected voters should not vote for election winner Biden on December 14, but for Trump.

Trump invites Michigan MPs to join him

In Michigan, Trump has a similar plan. He invited Republican members of the state’s parliament to join him in the White House. Legal expert Lawrence Tribe warned on CNN that such a meeting could be illegal.

The manual review of votes in Georgia has now been completed. There Biden was ahead with around 14,000 votes before the recount began. Now the plus has shrunk to 12,284 votes. That had already been expected: a few days ago it was discovered that electoral commissions in two Republican-ruled districts had forgotten to include several thousand votes counted. The responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger emphasized that no signs of election fraud had been found. However, Trump can still request a recount because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points.

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