rumors about the death of the actor appeared on the web

rumors about the death of the actor appeared on the web

The star of Turkish TV series has become another victim of Internet scammers who “bury” celebrities.

What happened to Burak Ozchivit: rumors about the death of the actor appeared on the web

Rumors that do not correspond to reality that this or that star has passed away appear constantly, frightening fans with sad regularity.

The list of celebrities who were “buried” by Internet scammers was recently added by Burak Ozchivit, a Turkish actor, who is primarily familiar to many from the TV series “The Magnificent Century” and “Kinglet – Singing Bird”.

With the speed of a wildfire, rumors began to spread across the Web that Ozchivit allegedly died in a plane crash.

Let us immediately reassure the fans of the actor: in fact, of course, everything is in order with him, and the information that Burak Ozchivit crashed in the plane crash has nothing to do with reality.

Moreover, the actor has no time to fly anywhere now – he is busy filming the new series “Foundation: Osman”. Ozchivit only has enough free time for selfies, with which the star of the “Magnificent Century” regularly pleases fans.

A few hours ago, on his Instagram account, the actor posted another such photo, once again confirming that the rumors about his death are really just rumors.

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Author: Valeria Smolova

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