rumors about the death of the actor spread on the network


Vin Diesel has joined the long list of scam victims.

With sad regularity, rumors begin to spread on the network that this or that famous actor or showman has passed away – numerous Russian celebrities, from Yakubovich to Galkin, have become “victims” of such rumors at different times. Jason Statham also “suffered” from scammers, and now it is his action-genre colleague Vin Diesel’s turn. Today, rumors began to circulate on the network that the Fast and the Furious star was allegedly dead.

Of course, in fact, everything is in order with the actor: he is alive and well and is actively preparing for the premiere of the ninth “Fast and the Furious”, which was postponed again due to the pandemic not so long ago. A few hours ago on his Instagram, Diesel shared another “find” – a portrait of his hero, Dominic Torreto, drawn by a certain artist from Brazil. This portrait was shown to Diesel himself by one of the scriptwriters of The Fast and the Furious.

What happened to Vin Diesel: rumors about the death of the actor spread on the network

If earlier the actor and his colleagues in the series of racing action movies could be seen in theaters from May 28, now the release of the ninth “Fast and the Furious” will have to wait until June 25. But, as it became known recently, along with Diesel in “Fast and Furious 9” his real son will appear – he will play little Dominic Torreto as a child.

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