Russ Anber – about the words of Lomachenko about the judges of the fight with Lopez: “I don’t think he used the word” bribe “in the sense in which we represent”


The cutman of the former world champion in three weight categories, Vasyl Lomachenko, Russ Abner, believes that the Ukrainian gives resonant comments about the fight with Teofimo Lopez in order to achieve revenge. At the same time, he notes that the essence of some of Loma’s words, for example, about biased refereeing, is distorted due to inaccurate translation.

“I think that Lomachenko desperately wants a rematch with Lopez. He does not have a corresponding option in the contract, so he is trying to get revenge. Whichever way he chooses for this, Lomachenko is trying to achieve a rematch. He must either speak or fight in order to receive as it is not provided for by the contract.

I believe that a lot of his words were lost due to translation. Some expressions cannot be properly translated from Russian to English. I’m sure some words could be translated literally, but the meaning turned out to be different. For example, it is said that Lomachenko used the words “bribe”. I do not think that he used it in the sense in which we represent (in fact, Lomachenko said that the judges were “charged” – approx.). I think he wanted to say that even if he won three of the first six rounds, then, according to the referee notes, he still would not have won, “- said Russ Anber in an interview with Matt Casavant.

As a reminder, Anber also criticized CompuBox for responding to Lomachenko’s claims.

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