Russia may prohibit the import of smart watches with hidden shooting function


Smart watches with a hidden shooting function can be classified in Russia as special technical means, as a result of which their import into the country will be limited. This was announced by the head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Vladimir Bulavin. He recalled that gadgets that are “deliberately given” such properties are among the special means with the functions of secret information collection. If in the passport of the device video and photo shooting capabilities are indicated as standard functions, and the camera lens is not hidden, then the watch is not considered “spy”.

“Thus, according to the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the possibility of classifying smart watches as special technical means depends on the built-in functionality and technical characteristics of a particular device model. If the functionality and technical characteristics of smart watches allow them to be classified as special technical means, the import of such devices by individuals as goods for personal use is prohibited (including by placing an order on foreign Internet sites), ”explained the situation in FCS.

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