Russia puts Tichanovskaya on the wanted list

Russia puts Tichanovskaya on the wanted list

The opposition Tichanowskaja is campaigning in Germany for support in the power struggle against President Lukashenko. However, he gets the backing of the Kremlin.

Russia has put the Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tichanovskaya out to be wanted. The Tass news agency reported this on Wednesday, citing the database of the Interior Ministry. The reason for this are violations of the criminal code.

Tichanowskaja visits Berlin

The whereabouts of the 38-year-olds are no secret: Tichanovskaya has been living in exile in Lithuania since the apparently manipulated presidential election in her native Belarus. On Wednesday she was visiting Berlin, where she was received by Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD).

As Tass writes, referring to Russian security groups, a manhunt is underway against Tichanovskaya in her native Belarus (Belarus). Since Belarus and Russia form a union state, the request will also be implemented in Russia. However, the tender does not apply at international level.

Germany does not see Lukashenko as a legitimate head of state

Tichanovskaya is one of the most important leaders of the democracy movement in the ex-Soviet republic. In the August election, she competed against the ruler Alexander Lukashenko, who then claimed victory with more than 80 percent of the vote. But the opposition sees Tichanowskaya as the real winner. Since the election there have been daily protests against Lukashenko and his power apparatus.

Like other EU states, Germany does not recognize Lukashenko as head of state. Lukashenko has secured the support of neighbor Russia and has met with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. Moscow granted him a billion dollar loan. Tichanovskaya urged Putin on Wednesday to stay out of the power struggle in her country. “Don’t interfere,” she said on Deutschlandfunk. “We want to determine our future ourselves.”

Get tips from Merkel

Tichanowskaja had already met with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in Berlin on Tuesday. She thanked for the political support. Merkel gave her a lot of advice on how Belarus could get out of the crisis.

The CDU foreign politician Norbert Röttgen spoke out in favor of direct sanctions against Lukashenko. The President now rejects any dialogue, said Röttgen after Tichanowskaya appeared in the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee. It would therefore be right if the EU now put Lukashenko on its sanctions list.

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