Ryan Garcia: “Peak Alvarez would definitely beat Peak Mayweather”

Ryan Garcia: “Peak Alvarez would definitely beat Peak Mayweather”

Interim WBC Lightweight Champion Ryan Garcia is convinced that Saul Alvarez would have been stronger than Floyd Mayweather if their fight took place when both fighters were at their peak.

“Spade Saul Alvarez would definitely beat Spade Mayweather. Spade Floyd was good, but you saw how he walked straight for the opponent. At his peak, Alvarez has become much smarter, he has a much better understanding of how to maneuver in the ring, and Canelo knows much better how to use his presence.

Don’t be fooled about Floyd when he stepped over a certain level. He is a very wise man. Mayweather knows when, where, with whom and at what time to fight, what style is needed to win. I have no problem with Floyd winning his fights, “Ryan Garcia said.

Recall that in 2013, Mayweather defeated 23-year-old Alvarez by majority decision.

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