Ryan Garcia to Lopez: “You didn’t beat Lomachenko to the point where it would be clear why you don’t give him revenge”


Interim WBC Lightweight Champion Ryan Garcia believes Vasily Lomachenko deserves a rematch with Teofimo Lopez.

“Lopez says Lomachenko doesn’t deserve revenge, but I’m sorry for my French man, you didn’t kick his ass. You didn’t beat him to the point where it would be clear why you didn’t give him revenge.

If you are a real man, then be a man. You didn’t break it. You did everything right, but to some extent Lomachenko deserves revenge. If Lopez doesn’t want to give Lome revenge, I’ll fight him. But I’m going to knock him out. I’ll make it really clean. I’m not here to play games. I want to knock out my opponent every time. If I have to escalate the fight, I will. Whenever I have the opportunity to land one good blow, I will take it. I’ll find a way to get it across, “Ryan Garcia said live on Instagram.

We will remind, Garcia also said that the victory of Lopez over Lomachenko was not convincing.

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