Ryoga Paige is flattered by rumors that he is the next James Bond


The actor believes that this is often said about British actors who are appreciated by the public.

Rege-Jean Page, 31, became widely known for his role as the Duke of Hastings in the hit TV series Bridgertons. The British actor is receiving high reviews from peers and audiences, and there has recently been talk that Paige could become the new James Bond after Daniel Craig left the franchise.

In a new interview with The Mirror, Ryoge shared his thoughts on the idea of ​​becoming 007’s new agent. The actor admitted that he is flattered by this, and he attributes it to the fact that he is British. “It seems to me that the talk that you can become James Bond starts sooner or later if you are a British actor and do something remarkable. People notice this and begin to discuss it. I think this is quite normal. I am flattered that I ended up in the category of British people who were noticed and appreciated, but no more. And no less, ”said the actor. He also noted that so far he does not want to make plans for a future career and abandon current projects.

“I am like a racehorse: I subscribe to one project and focus on it completely. It’s like I have blinkers in my eyes, ”Page said.

Ryoga Paige is flattered by rumors that he is the next James Bond

Earlier, Rege-Jean, who often became the hero of bed scenes in Bridgertons, told how his relatives reacted to such scenes with his participation. “We have a family chat on WhatsApp, I warned everyone about these scenes. But a couple of relatives missed my messages. They later said that every time an intimate scene with me began, they went to the kitchen to pour tea. “But we are back – and there you are still!” – the actor shared.

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Author: Yana Shelekhova

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