Salma Hayek stuns fans with her curvy body in the pool

Salma Hayek stuns fans with her curvy body in the pool

More recently, the 54-year-old actress complained of bullying, and today she is showing herself in all her glory.

Salma Hayek alarmed the people by flashing a curvy body in a bikini while swimming in the pool. Until recently, the actress complained that she had been harshly persecuted on the Web due to being overweight, and today she said: she absolutely does not care about anything.

For filming in the biopic “House of Gucci” Salma gained extra pounds, which she could not lose. At some point, the fans did not like this fact very much: in the comments of Salma, they began to demand that the actress urgently put herself in shape. At first, the star was upset, and then decided that anyone would love herself.

To prove that she’s still hot, Hayek shared a photo on her personal Instagram page, in which she posed in a monokini with a deep cleavage. The shots were as piquant as possible, because Hayek specifically lay down on her back so that curvaceous forms became the center of the frame.

The fans could not contain their enthusiasm.

“These are the forms”, “Salma, you’re just a bomb”, “All men in the world want to fall asleep and wake up with you”, “Oh, those legs and breasts,” they wrote.

Photo source: Legion-media

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