Samsung has released a new version of smart tags Galaxy SmartTag +


The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has officially unveiled a new generation of its Galaxy SmartTag + smart tags, which will be available on sale from April 16. Galaxy SmartTags + are equipped with support for technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy and UWB, providing highly accurate positioning. These tags also use augmented reality (AR) technology to visually direct the user to the location of the missing object using the smartphone’s camera.

The latest version of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can be attached to various household items such as a backpack or keychain, so they can be easily and accurately located using the SmartThings search service installed as a mobile app on your smartphone.


Galaxy SmartTag + can also take advantage of SmartThings Find’s detection capabilities, allowing you to find marked objects on the map, even if they are lost somewhere very far from where the user is. This is because the tags use the BLE connection and network capabilities of Galaxy devices. SmartThings Find users can enable this option in the SmartThings app and let their smartphones or Galaxy tablets help others find their lost tags or devices. As soon as the user reports that their tag is missing in SmartThings Find, any nearby Galaxy device that detects it will notify the SmartThings server of their location and the user will be notified. All data in SmartThings Find is encrypted and secure, so the location of the tag is not disclosed to anyone other than the owner.

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