Samsung is working on the next generation of AR glasses


Samsung has been making various Gear VR headsets for smartphones for several years, but recently discontinued them. At the same time, the company continues to work on products for virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR. The information that has emerged reveals what Samsung’s new AR glasses might look like. Samsung Glasses Lite are capable of projecting a large virtual screen in front of the user’s eyes, on which you can watch movies and play games. Also, the glasses will allow you to use the Dex Mode, in which you can work with applications on the screen using a real keyboard and mouse. In addition, Samsung Glasses Lite can be used as sunglasses, providing the necessary shading. They will also make it possible to control drones equipped with telemetry systems in first-person mode, that is, directly observing what the drone sees. The glasses will be able to provide the study of three-dimensional objects, for example, architectural plans, using augmented reality modeling. You can control the glasses using your Samsung smartwatch thanks to the built-in sensors.

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