Samsung launches drone delivery of smartphones – but so far only in Ireland


Around the world, many well-known companies are experimenting with the delivery of goods using drones. The South Korean electronics giant Samsung did not stand aside either. Together with drone manufacturer Manna (South Korea), they are working on airlifting Galaxy smartphones to their customers in Ireland.

So far, this delivery scheme is limited to clientele living in Oranmore, in the vicinity of the Irish city of Galway (County Galway). According to the company, the new service will soon become available throughout Ireland. Shipping applies to Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Watch 3 and the new Galaxy A series.

Designed specifically for this project, Manna’s aerospace-grade drones will deliver goods to customers flying at altitudes ranging from 50 to 80 meters at speeds in excess of 60 km / h, reducing delivery times from the control center to three minutes.

In parallel, Manna cooperates with the largest British retail chain Tesco, with which they will test the delivery of small baskets of groceries to customers in Oranmore for six months. The goal is to ensure that the delivery time does not exceed half an hour from the moment the order is placed. Manna is also working with other companies to bring hot food, books and pharmacy supplies by air in the near future.

Drone delivery

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