Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals “The Biggest Misconception” About Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals “The Biggest Misconception” About Carrie Bradshaw

The actress noted that her character is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

The performer of the role of Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed the biggest misconception that has formed among fans of the TV series “Sex and the City”. Not so long ago, the creators of the project started filming a new part. The only one who will not appear in the project is Kim Cattrall.

In connection with the start of the project, the journalists rushed to talk with Parker, who frankly spoke about her role, and at the same time noted: her heroine was originally supposed to create a completely different impression.

“The biggest misconception about Carrie is that she was only interested in sex life. In fact, she was interested in talking about sex and relationships, as well as about personal, about love and home, “- quotes the words of Jessica Parker CheatSheet.

Parker also talked about what makes her character so interesting.

“The most interesting thing about her is her friendship and how real and important she is to her. Her friendships are complicated and she often fails, like the rest of us – you fail in love, you fail your friends and yourself.

We were never afraid of these flaws in Carrie, and they were often and accurately illustrated.

Sometimes people judged her harshly for this, but I was always happy to tell these stories, because it made her a person and made people identify with her, ”she stated.

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