Saul Alvarez decided to open his own network of gas stations

Saul Alvarez decided to open his own network of gas stations

The leader of the list of the best boxers in the world, Saul Alvarez, said that he plans to open his own network of gas stations. Moreover, in the future, he wants to completely oust all competitors from this industry.

At the same time, Canelo does not invest all his money in one business. He prioritizes correctly and only invests a fraction of his royalties in rather risky ventures that, if successful, can bring tangible profits. As for the typical activities of retired boxers – starting their own promotion company or becoming a commentator on boxing evenings, Saul does not have much sympathy for this.

“I’m going to open 90-100 gas stations here in Mexico. The network will be called Canelo Energy. I want all the gas stations around to belong to me. This is my biggest challenge. “

“I don’t want to risk all my money. You need to be smart, and invest in risky business only a part of your money, while being aware of this – no matter what happens, I know that this is a risky investment and do not count on profit. When you do this, you risk your money. You see, a big risk leads to a big reward, ”explains Saul. “But I’m not stupid and I understand that you can go from wealth to poverty very quickly.”

“I don’t like watching boxing. I like it when I do it myself. I’m not the kind of person who says, “I will become a promoter or start commenting on fights.” No, I’m not interested in this, ”the boxer admitted.

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