Saul Alvarez: “I have over thirty horses”


One of the best boxers of our time, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is a true master of equestrianism. On his ranch, he keeps several dozen horses. As the boxer himself said, he had a passion for this as a child, but since his family was not rich, they could not afford to buy a horse. Having achieved success, Saul made his childhood dreams come true.

“I love to ride. When I was young, I always said that I wanted a horse. I kept saying this to my father, but we were poor. Now life has changed. “

“Now I have over 38 horses, and maybe 50. Do you know what I’ll tell you? You should always be a friend of the horse. I’ve learned all of this over the years. The hardest part was getting to know them better. Now, when I come to the stable, they recognize me because they love. “

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