Saul Alvarez: “I once won $ 230,000 at poker”

Saul Alvarez: “I once won $ 230,000 at poker”

The world champion in four weight classes from Mexico Saul Alvarez admitted that he loves to play golf and poker. In both of these disciplines, the boxer is constantly training and improving, and playing poker brought him pretty good money, which, however, is incomparable with how much Alvarez earned for his fights.

“I play poker about three times a week. I’m just the best at it. Once in Las Vegas I had nine thousand dollars and with these nine thousand I won two hundred and thirty thousand! ”- Saul boasts.

“I have more shoes than clothes. I have about six hundred pairs of shoes. These, these and these are for golf, ”the Mexican shows. “I love him and really enjoy the game.”

“When I was growing up, I always dreamed of such a house and now I have it. Thank God for my discipline and dedication. You need to be able to sacrifice something, and if you cannot, then you are finished. “

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