Saul Alvarez is afraid to spoil his children

Saul Alvarez is afraid to spoil his children

The leader of the list of the best boxers in the world, Saul Alvarez has three children – two daughters and a son. They were all born of different mothers. Despite the fact that Saul is a very wealthy person and does not spare money for his offspring, he recently began to suspect that with this approach he could spoil his children.

The boxer is very worried that he cannot be with them all the time, and not only because he devotes a lot of time to training and fighting, but also because the eldest daughter and son now live with their mothers.

“When I started to have money and everything else, I gave my daughter everything that I did not have, as I promised. But then the moment came when I said to myself, “I’m making a mistake. It’s not like that in life. This way you can make your child depend on himself. ” One night I thought about it and realized that I was making a mistake. Of course, my children do not need anything, but you still need to earn money yourself. “

“It’s very difficult for me because I cannot give my children the attention they deserve. Yes, I am constantly in touch, I talk to them every day, but it’s difficult for me to be with them in person. I either train in San Diego or I am somewhere else, ”complains Saul.

“I live with the mother of my youngest daughter, so I come home and there we are all together, and we have no problems. As for the other two children, it is more difficult with them, because they do not live with me. “

“I was 16 when I became a father. The first reaction was the thought of moving in with his girlfriend. She was pregnant. I rented a house for a thousand pesos a month and brought her there to live with me. And that’s how it turned out, ”Canelo recalls his first fatherhood.

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