Saul Alvarez responded to Julio Cesar Chavez’s criticism

Saul Alvarez responded to Julio Cesar Chavez’s criticism

Despite the fact that Saul Alvarez is obviously the most famous modern Mexican fighter of our time, many famous fighters of the past still cannot accept the fact that the young boxer has long staked out a place in the Hall of Fame. In particular, recently Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. said that Saul will never surpass his achievements, because he has one defeat in his track record.

“Canelo is a great fighter who deserves everything he has now, but he definitely won’t be better than me, because he has already lost one fight and I have reached 90 victories without defeat,” Chavez said.

Despite the fact that in many aspects Alvarez has already achieved much more than Chavez, for example, he became a champion in four weight categories (Chavez has three), won eight different championship belts (Chavez had five in his entire career), he did not began to argue with the veteran and modestly replied that history will put everything in its place.

About Julio Sr.:

“I don’t want to be like anyone else. I want to write my own story. But when everything is over, when I retire, the numbers will tell everyone what I have achieved, ”said Canelo.

About Billy Joe:

“I know what kind of person he is and what he will try to do before the fight, but I am calm, focused and ready to win.”

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