Scalpel instead of ax: Biden team is currently not planning a lockdown


It was the great horror scenario of the Trump campaign: Once the Democrat Biden is in power, he will order a tough lockdown on the USA in the fight against the corona pandemic. But the Bidens team of experts wants to avoid this with more targeted measures.

The government of the future US President Joe Biden wants to avoid broad lockdowns in its fight against the corona pandemic through targeted measures. “We have approaches with the precision of a scalpel instead of the brute force of an ax,” said Vivek Murthy, one of the co-heads of Biden’s coronavirus expert council, said Fox TV channel.

During the election campaign, President Donald Trump tried to scare the voters with the prospect of nationwide lockdowns under Biden. Meanwhile, the corona situation in the USA is getting more and more out of control. The mark of eleven million infections has now been exceeded since the beginning of the pandemic. A million cases were added in just six days.

Several states tightened corona measures such as mask requirements and the closure of some shops over the weekend. In Michigan, restaurants are initially only allowed to sell outside the home and those who can should work from home.

Meanwhile, Trump only pointed out that Covid-19 can now be treated better and that vaccines will soon be available. He played golf on Saturday and Sunday and continued to tweet about his unsubstantiated allegations that the presidential election had been stolen from him through electoral fraud in favor of Biden. The transfer of power to Biden will take place on January 20th.

Some US experts fear that by then the situation of the pandemic could worsen so much that tough measures will be necessary. Biden advisor Murthy stressed that he saw lockdowns as a “last resort”. We now know more about the virus and how it spreads than in spring. This makes it possible to proceed in a more targeted manner than with the large-scale closings of shops and companies at the time.

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