Scarlett Johansson criticized the Golden Globes

Scarlett Johansson criticized the Golden Globes

The Avengers star got tired of enduring sexist comments and questions.

The Oscar has set a series of records by generously distributing awards to black actors and women – and now Scarlett Johansson wants the Golden Globe to follow the example of the main film awards in Hollywood.

The fallen Oscar ratings do not seem to bother the Avengers star at all – Scarlett calls on Hollywood to distance itself from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organizer of the Golden Globe.

Sexist on sexist: Scarlett Johansson criticized the Golden Globes

Scarlett, of course, is far from new in her calls: for several months now, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has been criticized for lack of ethnic diversity – after it turned out that the organization does not have a single black member.

Johansson went even further and complained that there are only sexists within the walls of the organization, and interviews, press conferences and awards organized by the HFPA often turn into real torture for any self-respecting actress.

“Sexist questions and comments from some HFPA members bordering on sexual harassment” is how Scarlett described her interactions with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

“Until there is a fundamental change in this organization, I am confident that it is time for us to step aside.”

Earlier, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos and Amazon streaming platform head Jennifer Salk promised to distance themselves from the Golden Globe organizers. It seems that very soon the Golden Globe may lose its status as the second most prestigious Hollywood award.

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Author: Valeria Smolova

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