Scots want new vote on independence


The majority of Scots want a new referendum, according to a new poll on independence from Great Britain. So far, the British Prime Minister has flatly rejected it.

According to a survey by the Sunday Times newspaper, a majority of the Scottish population wants a new referendum on independence from Great Britain. Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon promised a “legal” new vote. She wanted to ask for the approval of the population in the election of the Scottish Parliament in May, she told the BBC on Sunday.

Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland’s Prime Minister receives sharp criticism from the government in London for her move: (Source: Jeff J. Mitchell / PA Wire / imago images)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has so far rejected such a referendum. He said such referendums should be held “only once per generation”. On Sunday, the “Sunday Times” reported, citing government circles, that the prime minister would “flatly reject” a demand for another independence referendum.

50 percent want a new referendum

Scotland’s Prime Minister Sturgeon cited recent polls. These showed “that a majority of the people of Scotland want independence,” said Sturgeon.

An opinion poll by the Sunday Times showed that 50 percent of Scottish voters would like a new referendum within the next five years and 49 percent would vote for independence. 44 percent therefore reject independence.

According to the poll, 53 percent of voters would also vote for re-joining the EU. In the 2016 Brexit referendum, 51.9 percent of the British voted for leaving the EU, but 62 percent of the Scots voted to remain in the European Union.

Johnson: “No unifying force on national sentiment”

In 2014, before Brexit and the Corona crisis, the Scots voted against independence with 55 percent of the vote. Johnson had said that such a referendum would not take place again for a generation and justified it with the mood in the country: referendums had “no particularly unifying force on the national mood”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: He wanted Brexit, he does not want another vote on Scottish independence.  (Source: imago images / Mark Thomas Parsons)British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: He wanted Brexit, he does not want another vote on Scottish independence. (Source: Mark Thomas Parsons / imago images)

Sturgeon’s SNP, which was discussing a “timetable for a referendum” on Sunday, will first apply to the British government for permission. If this request is rejected, the party wants to enforce its own regulation for a referendum. Any legal challenge from London should be “vigorously” opposed. The Sunday Times quoted a poll that Sturgeon’s party predicted a “landslide victory” in the May election.

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