Sean Porter advises Ryan Garcia to be more careful about defense


Despite the fact that after the fight between Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell, many boxing fans have already dubbed Garcia the modern Amir Khan, hinting that he absolutely cannot take a punch, since he was knocked down by a non-beating 33-year-old Briton, all the main merits of which are so and remained in amateur boxing, Sean Porter believes that Ryan Garcia can still correct the many mistakes that he makes in defense.

“He stepped back with outstretched arms, and the opponent’s left hook flew over his hand. However, despite the fact that Ryan Garcia got up and continued the fight, he continued to retreat back in a straight line. Some guys stick to this strategy as professionals, never getting rid of this habit. But when this happens, you need to understand with what blow you were dropped, how you were able to miss it, and why, and make the necessary adjustments. “

“It is human nature to move back in a straight line. If someone comes at you with a knife, you will back away. Most people do not understand that you can also move to the side. It’s just a human factor to move backwards. And in order not to do this, you need to work on side steps. Because if you walk away with outstretched arms, it will bring you problems. “

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