Sean Porter explains how Ryan Garcia was able to prepare his hull attack

Sean Porter explains how Ryan Garcia was able to prepare his hull attack

Former world welterweight champion Sean Porter believes that Ryan Garcia, without realizing it, was able to knock out Luke Campbell with a blow to the liver, because all previous rounds were actively aiming at him in the jaw, which allowed the Briton to relax and not cover his body with his elbows.

“This is what I saw … You can watch this fight if you want. Before Luke Campbell started punching Ryan Garcia on the body, Garcia was hunting for his head. He delivered good punches to the head, and then Luke Campbell decided to work on the body and hit a right hook in the torso and then Ryan Garcia got a click in his head and he said: “Oh, that’s how, I can also work on the body! “

“After the fight, in an interview, he said that he had made adjustments to his strategy. I don’t think he really did it. I believe that he missed a punch in the hand and just clicked in his head and he told himself that he could also hit there. “

“I don’t think he even realized that he set the stage for a good body strike with his constant work to the head. Campbell’s arms were raised high because he thought Garcia would attack him in the head. “

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