Sean Porter explains why the fight with Terence Crawford may not take place


Mandatory WBO title contender Sean Porter holds no grudge against promoter Bob Arum, despite the fact that he is not ready to set his ward Terence Crawford with him.

“As for Bob’s lack of desire to bring Terence with me. He declares that he is not ready to invest more funds in the development of Terrence, but at the same time he wants him to bring income, and this is a normal desire, people are in the field of boxing for a reason, they want to make money – this is absolutely normal. But I mean, Bob doesn’t want Crawford to fight me, because he won’t make money on it, because, firstly, I don’t have a belt, and secondly, I pose a threat to him. It is for this reason that Bob is looking towards potential rivals such as Errol Spence and Manny Pacquiao. And I’m not angry with this approach, I understand how everything works.

Yes, there is a possibility that we can fight with him, but this is about money and, again, I understand this moment. I don’t know if there was any agreement between Terence and Arum about Pacquiao and Spence, but to be honest, I myself would have fought Pacquiao in the first place, his name would be my priority. “

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