Sean Porter: “People see Garcia as a handsome guy, not a real fighter”


Former welterweight world champion Sean Porter discussed Ryan Garcia’s performance as he beat his biggest rival in his career, Briton Luke Campbell. However, it was not without problems – in the second round, his opponent knocked down Ryan.

“We will start our conversation with the good, then touch on the bad, and then move on to completely impartial things. The final hit to the body was beautiful. It falls into the “good” category. Ryan Garcia has speed, is agile and quick-witted in the ring, he knows what he is doing in fight and knows what he wants to see from his opponent. The fire that burns in him in the ring works for his benefit. He is tall with long arms and seems to have a certain amount of punching power. I think he does whatever it takes outside the ring to become famous. “

“People see Garcia as a handsome guy, a popular boxer, and don’t really see him as a fighter. In this fight, Garcia showed the world that he would fight if he needed it. At least he got up off the canvas, even though he hadn’t been knocked down before. He was able to pull himself together and won every round until the knockout. “

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