Sean Porter wants Gary Russell to fight Jervonte Davis


Former world champion Sean Porter is disappointed that once-promising talented boxer Gary Russell Jr. has been stagnating for several years now, entering the ring only once a year, and cannot boast of truly strong opposition. According to Porter, he needs to move from words to deeds and try to organize a fight against Jervonta Davis.

“Russell could have a fight in February against Cameda. Not a bad fight, but this is not the fight we all expect and want to see. For a long time, he was the fastest boxer. Either he or Ro’Shi Warren. I would say that he still has the fastest hands in professional boxing. “

“We need to start competing with other boxers. You can’t just talk on the phone. I saw on the Internet that he was discussing on the phone the fight with Devin Haney’s father, bickering with Terence Crawford, arguing with Jervonta Davis. Yes, they live almost in the neighborhood, it would be a great fight for their city, for Maryland. “

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