Secret mission revealed: Ashes of “Star Trek” hero Doohan on the ISS


Secret mission revealed
Ashes of “Star Trek” hero Doohan on the ISS

James Doohan aka “Star Trek” chief engineer Scotty found his final resting place in space. In 2008, millionaire Richard Garriott hid part of his ashes on the ISS in a secret mission. If you had checked the contents of your luggage more closely at the time, this would certainly have caused “a little bit of trouble”.

“Star Trek” actor James Doohan has found his final resting place in a dignified place. After his remains had been brought into space for a short time in 2005, it has now been announced that some of his ashes have been on the International Space Station since 2008. Millionaire Richard Garriott, an American computer game developer and space tourist, smuggled the ashes into space on a “completely secret” mission.

As the 59-year-old now told the “Times”, he was a private astronaut on a 12-day mission. His destination: the ISS. Previously, he was in contact with Doohan’s son Chris, who told him about his late father’s last wish. Garriott finally received part of the ashes in the mail, which he had laminated onto three small commemorative cards with Doohan’s photo on them. A risky venture.

Because, as Garriott explained, everything that officially goes on board must be “recorded, inspected and packaged”. If the commemorative cards had been discovered in his luggage, it would certainly have caused “a little bit of trouble,” he said. Where are the cards today? Garriott threw one into space and hid a second under the floor covering of the ISS. You can still find it there today. The third card hangs framed in Doohan’s home in California.

James Doohan became known to Star Trek viewers as Scotty, chief engineer of the Starship Enterprise. In 2005 the Canadian actor died of complications from pneumonia at the age of 85.

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