Secret Service Reports to Trump: Did China Offer Bounties to US Soldiers?


Intelligence reports to Trump
Did China offer bounties to US soldiers?

In the summer there were rumors of a possible Russian bounty on US soldiers in Afghanistan. Now there are similar allegations against China. According to the US media, President Trump has relevant intelligence dossiers. Washington apparently wants to release the findings soon.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump has been informed, according to media reports, of alleged findings by the secret services, which are likely to further strain American relations with China. There are indications that China is said to have offered non-state actors in Afghanistan money for attacks on US soldiers in the country, reported the news website “Axios” and the TV broadcaster CNN, citing high-ranking government officials. Trump’s government intends to release the previously unconfirmed findings.

It is so far unclear whether Trump’s successor in the White House was also informed about the information about China. Democrat Joe Biden, whose inauguration is scheduled for January 20, is also receiving briefings from the secret services.

In the summer, reports of alleged intelligence about Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan upset Washington. Trump had always rejected the reports as “fake news”. The “New York Times” reported at the time, citing government circles, that agents of the Russian Military Intelligence Service (GRU) had given fighters of the radical Islamic Taliban and these criminals close to them money for fatal attacks on US and NATO soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Both Russia and the Taliban rejected the allegations at the time.

Relations between the US and China are extremely tense because of Beijing’s tough course in Hong Kong, the persecution of the Uyghur minority and American sanctions. The corona pandemic, which had a devastating effect on the US economy and killed hundreds of thousands of people, caused the situation to deteriorate.

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