Security forces apparently kill 25 people

Security forces apparently kill 25 people

25 people are said to have been killed in protests against the military in Myanmar. The reports come from eyewitnesses, the BBC and others. The state newspaper presents the situation differently.

In Myanmar, security forces reportedly killed at least 25 people in clashes with protesters, according to an eyewitness and several media outlets. The clashes took place in the city of Depayin, located in the center of the country, reported a local resident who, for fear of reprisals, did not want to see his name mentioned in the media. Four military trucks brought soldiers into the city on Friday morning.

Young people from the local people’s defense force, which formed out of opposition to the military government, opposed the soldiers. The protesters were armed only with makeshift weapons. The soldiers shot them and pushed them back. 25 people were killed. The BBC Burmese Service website and the Than Lwin Khet News Service reported something similar.

Newspaper speaks of “armed terrorists”

The state newspaper “Global Night of Myanmar” reported, however, that “armed terrorists” had lured security guards into an ambush. One soldier was killed and six injured. After retaliation by the soldiers, the attackers withdrew. A spokesman for the military did not respond to requests for comment on the events in Depayin. The city is located in the Sagaing region, around 300 kilometers north of the capital Naypyidaw.

The People’s Defense Force stated on its website that 18 of its members were killed and eleven injured. Such organizations were set up in many parts of Myanmar to oppose the military. Some are linked to the opposition National Unity Government, which was installed underground as a kind of shadow government.

Since the coup on February 1 and the fall of the government of de facto Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi, there have been regular protests against the military. Violence persists in many parts of the country, which is home to a large number of ethnic groups. Around two dozen ethnic militias have also been fighting for more autonomy in the border areas for decades. The city of Depayin is located in the heartland of the majority of the Bamar, who also dominate the military.

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