“See you in four years”: Trump wants to return to the White House in 2024


For a long time, a new candidacy by the elected US President Donald Trump is pure speculation. Now he speaks openly about a comeback in four years at the Christmas party in the White House. He is said to have chosen a very special day for the official announcement.

The elected US President Donald Trump has openly brought into play a possible presidential candidacy in four years. “It’s been an incredible four years,” said Trump on Tuesday evening at a Christmas party in the White House about his tenure so far. “We’re trying to get four more years. Otherwise I’ll see you again in four years.”

The Christmas party with representatives of Trump’s Republican Party was not open to the press. A video was circulating after a short time. Trump, who still refuses to admit defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in the November 3 election, could run again in the 2024 presidential election. The US Constitution only prohibits more than two terms in office.

For weeks there has been speculation about the possibility of a new candidacy for the 74-year-old. According to NBC television, Trump has been considering announcing his candidacy for 2024 on January 20 – the day when his term ends and Biden is sworn in.

US attorney general sees no evidence of election fraud

Trump has been claiming for weeks that he was the victim of massive election fraud. Electoral officials firmly reject the allegations, the Trump camp has crashed with a series of lawsuits. Most recently, Attorney General Bill Barr said in a high-profile interview that there has been no evidence of large-scale fraud. The Trump ally openly contradicted the president.

An electoral representative from the state of Georgia won by Biden also caused a stir. In an angry address, Republican Gabriel Sterling accused Trump of not doing anything to counter violent threats against election workers – and even fueling tensions.

“Stop inciting people to commit potential acts of violence,” Sterling said in a voice that shook. “Someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to be shot down, someone is going to be killed. And that’s not right.”

Sterling reported death threats against a young employee of a voting machine company that Trump has repeatedly blamed for alleged election fraud. The wife of state returning officer Brad Raffensperger had also been threatened, he himself was under police protection, said Sterling. He emphasized several times: “This has to stop.”

“Mr President, you have not condemned these acts or the choice of words,” said the electoral officer. Trump and the state senators have to live up to their leadership responsibilities. “All of them who haven’t said a damn word are accomplices.”

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