“Senate should overrule veto”: McConnell calls for mutiny against Trump


“Senate should overrule veto”
McConnell calls for mutiny against Trump

A few days before the important runoff election in Georgia, the dispute between the US president and his party escalates. The powerful Senator McConnell openly calls for resistance to Trump’s veto. The gentleman in the White House accuses the Republicans of suicidal tendencies.

The Republicans in the US Senate initially left it open whether they would agree to higher corona aid for US citizens. The Congress Chamber will “start focusing this week” on these and two other issues, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced. He blocked a move by the Democrats to unanimously approve the increase immediately. The hanging game weighed on the stock market.

The House of Representatives had previously approved the payment of $ 2,000 instead of the previously planned $ 600 to each citizen. McConnell’s party colleague President Donald Trump is also calling for the move. If the Republicans had “no death wish”, they would have to agree immediately, wrote the outgoing US president on Twitter.

McConnell urged the Republican Senators unequivocally, like the Democrats in the House of Representatives, to break Trump’s veto on the defense budget. A corresponding vote is planned for Wednesday. Trump has blocked the bill, which was passed by a clear majority by both chambers, with a volume of 740 billion dollars, among other things because he calls for greater liability for Internet companies.

Dispute could affect runoff in Georgia

The Senate debates are particularly significant because run-off elections for the two Georgia seats will be held in early 2021. You decide which party will have the majority in the future. Georgia usually falls to Republicans, but President-elect Joe Biden won a slim majority in the presidential election. The already elected members of the new congress will be sworn in on Sunday.

Trump had already raged against resistance in the House of Representatives against his veto. The leadership of his Republican Party was “weak and tired,” wrote the outgoing president on Twitter. “We need a new and energetic Republican leadership,” added the 74-year-old in capital letters. Trump was also angry that Republicans were gradually backing away from his claims that he lost the November 3 presidential election to Biden.

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