Sergei Bogachuk told what strengths of Usik and Klitschko he would like to take


Serhiy Bogachuk, the Ukrainian prospect of the first middle weight, admitted that he would like to have in his arsenal the movements of Alexander Usik and the protection of Vladimir Klitschko.

“I have a lot of favorite boxers that I respect. I don’t have one that I specifically copy someone’s style. I have a number of boxers from whom I take something. From Arturo Gatti I can take the will to win. there was indeed a man with eggs of steel.

For example, from the Usyk I can take movements, how he moves, his defensive movements. From Klitschko, too, protection, no one could hit him. He has a clumsy jab – this is also protection. Mayweather also has good protection, he has a good self-preservation instinct. Cotto is an interesting boxer. I watched the Gatti trilogy with Mickey Ward, how they were cut. Such a will to win, such a pace – how are they in general? Such cool battles were. I take a little from everyone, “Sergei Bogachuk said in a live broadcast of the Boxerskaya Pravda resource on Instagram.

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