Sergei Kovalev – about the defeat of Gvozdik by Beterbiev: “Probably, he was aroused by excitement, he was not himself.”


Former world light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev shared his thoughts on the early defeat of Alexander Gvozdik in a fight against Artur Beterbiev, which the Ukrainian boxer suffered in October 2019.

“I didn’t watch the fight between Beterbiev and Gvozdik. My hands didn’t reach. I watched Sanin’s fight with Stevenson, but not all, but the last two rounds. And I watched Beterbiev in the same way. It’s boring for me to sit and watch the whole fight.

When you already know the ending, why watch the whole fight? I watch the last two rounds, because when you look at the beginning, you know that the end will be in such and such a round. I do not know how to endure in this regard.

To be honest, I believed in Sanya. But, apparently, his amateur boxing did not bring him dividends. Probably, he was raised by excitement, he was not himself, “- said Sergei Kovalev in an interview with the YouTube channel” PRO-box with Vadim Grinikh “.

Recall that Kovalev also named the hardest fight of his career.

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