Sergei Kovalev – about the rematch with Ward: “From the second round I don’t remember the fight at all”


Former world light heavyweight champion Sergei Kovalev shared his memories of a rematch with Andre Ward, in which he lost by TKO in the eighth round.

“When the revenge was announced, I thought we would figure it out. There is a lot to tell. I will say that from the second round I do not remember the fight at all. I woke up from a blow in the eighth round when he hit me. I felt the blow at that moment. regained consciousness, realized that I was in danger.

This moment, when he hit, it was not a blow directly to the balls, but below the belt. And in this I found a reason for the referee to stop the attack, to give some kind of pause and a comment like “don’t hit”. So that at this moment I take a breath and realize what is happening. And then again – the command “stop”. I sit and do not understand at all what happened, “- said Sergei Kovalev in an interview with the YouTube channel” PRO-box with Vadim Grinikh “.

We will remind, Kovalev also said that he had overtrained before the first fight with Ward, because he overestimated the opponent.

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