Sergei Kovalev: “I think I won the first fight with Ward, and they gave the victory to him.


Former light heavyweight champion Sergei Kovalev admitted that it was not easy to endure the defeat by a referee decision in the first fight with Andre Ward, which he considers unfair.

“I think everything would have been great if it hadn’t been for that“ but. ”This“ but ”was that I just overestimated him and thereby overloaded myself at the time of preparation. But, again, I was with John Jackson, who is like this (knocks on wood – approx.), To be honest. As a trainer he is not. As a handsome boxer, he achieved the title, but as a trainer, apart from paws, nothing cannot hold.

Whatever is done is for the better. I believe that I won the first fight, and the victory was given to him. This somehow broke me morally. I had a rejection for boxing, for three months I did nothing at all. I forgot for three months what boxing is, “said Sergei Kovalev in an interview with the YouTube channel” PRO-box with Vadim Grinikh “.

Recall that Kovalev also said that from the second round he did not remember what happened in the rematch with Ward.

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