Sergey Kovalev named the most difficult fight of his career


Former world light heavyweight champion Sergei Kovalev said that the toughest fight of his pro career he fought against Darnell Boone, who was defeated in 2010 only by a split decision, having been knocked down during the fight.

“I had a fight in which I played even more than I could before I lost my memory. It was the tenth fight in a row. Against Darnell Boone, there is such a boxer. I think he is underestimated. He just had the wrong promotion, his incorrectly led. And so I think he would have achieved great heights. A very uncomfortable, extraordinary boxer.

In all battles you go out and win in the first or second round. I told Egis Klimas that I wanted to learn something, but then go out and do not gain experience. And here is such a rival. I see he has about 40 fights. I have already got used to victories and here I underestimated once again.

It turned out that I just had an injury to my right hand. In the first round, I hit him in the forehead and break his sore arm. And that’s it, I really can’t hit, I have problems after that. After the fifth round, I was very tired, breathing heavily. Then I don’t remember what happened. I regained consciousness on the way to the dressing room, “said Sergei Kovalev in an interview with the YouTube channel” PRO-box with Vadim Grinikh “.

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