Sergey Lipinets: “Maybe Kovaleva McGirt trains in a completely different way, because he pays him a lot of money”


Former IBF light welterweight champion Sergei Lipinets left the coach Sergei Kovalev Buddy McGirt for Joe Goossen. Lipinets calls McGirt a good specialist, but believes he is tired of boxing.

“McGirt is a very good coach. He knows a lot and can show a lot. But he has no time, and he is not interested in it. I think McGirt is tired of boxing. He trains all day. For example, I come, he has someone is training, and he tells me to warm up. He finishes with this fighter, stands next to me, we do the main part, and a guy comes to him. McGirt tells him: “Warm up, we finish.”

That’s how he has, probably, from 7 am to 4-5 pm, without stopping, a conveyor belt of boxers goes. He has about 8-9 of them. Maybe he trains Kovalev in a completely different way, since he pays him a lot of money. And since we pay him 10 percent of our small sums, he does not devote time to us, “said Sergey Lipinets in an interview with the USACHEV TV YouTube channel.

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