Serhiy Bogachuk: “Who is Lopez? Some little guy got out and did nothing special to defeat Lomachenko”


Serhiy Bogachuk, the Ukrainian prospect of the first middleweight division, does not believe that Vasily Lomachenko lost to Teofimo Lopez in the fight for the title of the absolute world lightweight champion, in which all three judges gave the American a solid advantage (116-112, 117-111, 119-109).

“I watched the fight Lomachenko – Lopez. To be honest, I thought that Lomachenko would be given the victory. Not that I think he won, but if you take the fight as a whole, Lomachenko was at his best at that time. Lomachenko is Lomachenko. And who is Lopez? Some little guy got out and didn’t do anything to beat Lomachenko. Yes, he beat and moved. The only thing I didn’t like with Lomachenko was, perhaps, tactics. He lost a lot in the beginning. time.

As I understand it, there was a tactic at the beginning to exhaust him, and at the end to beat him. He said he would drag him into his waters and, roughly speaking, strangle him. Lomachenko wanted to exhaust him first, and at the end to beat him down, but it was bad that at the beginning he did not work much. If he started working right away, then maybe Lopez would be exhausted. But in general, I do not see such moments to give this fight to Lopez.

A draw, in principle, can be given, but, as for me, Lomachenko won this fight. Lopez missed a lot, and Lomachenko worked more, moved, was more entertaining. He worked more on counterattacks, he had interesting strikes. Lomachenko as Lomachenko, in his own experience, “- said Sergei Bogachuk in an interview with the resource” Boxerskaya Pravda “.

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