Set up own electorate: Trump tries new strategy in Michigan

Set up own electorate: Trump tries new strategy in Michigan

The US President does not get through with the lawsuits for alleged election fraud. Now he is relying on intimidation of the state parliament in Michigan. Observers suspect that Trump is targeting the electorate. According to projections, they would have to vote for the election winner Biden. Trump wants to undermine that.

In the face of a whole series of dismissed lawsuits against his election defeat, US President Donald Trump is changing his strategy in the fight for the White House. Trump is now trying to use political pressure in the states to prevent recognition of the election victory of his challenger Joe Biden. Trump invited Republican MPs from the state of Michigan to the White House. Biden had won in Michigan by a clear margin over Trump, but the result has yet to be confirmed by the state electoral authority. With this, the president wants to ensure that the state parliament, which is dominated by the Republicans, overrides the will of the electorate for alleged electoral fraud and appoints its own electorate.

The outgoing president also reportedly contacted a Republican representative on the local electoral council in Wayne County, metropolitan Detroit. Monica Palmer and another Republican initially refused to confirm Biden’s victory in the district on Tuesday. After hours of deliberation, they gave in before they turned around again on Wednesday evening. In the meantime, she received a call from Trump, Palmer told the Detroit Free Press.

The president did not exert any pressure, he only inquired about the hostility against them about their safety. Republican Senator Mitt Romney accused Trump of openly putting pressure on state and local officials “in order to undermine the will of the electorate and to reverse the election result.”

Biden outraged

Biden said, referring to Trump’s actions in Michigan, his rival would “go down as one of the most irresponsible presidents in American history.” Once again, Biden expressed indignation that Trump continues to refuse to recognize the outcome of the election. Trump is sending “incredibly harmful messages to the world about how democracy works,” said Biden in his hometown of Wilmington. It is “difficult to understand how this man thinks”. When asked, the US Democrat did not rule out using legal means to force the government to work with his transition team. However, this is currently not planned because it is too time-consuming.

Biden, who was declared the winner of the November 3rd election, is to be sworn in as president on January 20th Trump has not yet admitted his defeat in the presidential election. He speaks of alleged massive election fraud and has filed a number of lawsuits. He also blocks cooperation in handing over official business to Biden.

Electoral authorities and experts strongly disagree with the president and stress that Biden legitimately won the election. Biden has won 306 of the 538 electorate who will formally elect the president on December 14th. 270 voters are necessary for an election victory.

In Georgia, which has 16 voters, authorities confirmed Biden’s election victory after a hand-count on Thursday. The authorities had decided to recount because of the extremely tight election result. Compared to the first machine count, Biden’s lead decreased slightly from 14,000 to 12,200 votes. The legal advisor to Trump’s campaign team, Jenna Ellis, immediately questioned the result of the recount. “Illegal votes” were counted. Trump’s campaign team will keep “all legal options” open.

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