sexy Delevingne, bright Chastain and others at the Dior show

sexy Delevingne, bright Chastain and others at the Dior show

We show the brightest outfits of the fairer sex.

Spectacular outfits were demonstrated by foreign celebrities at the Dior Haute Couture Fall show in Paris. It is not the first day that the famous fashion house has been holding a chic social event, which brought together the brightest representatives of its field. So, the procession of stars at the Rodin Museum on Monday was led by Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Monica Bellucci and Jessica Chastain.

We show what the stars were wearing.

Delevingne, known for her eccentric image, decided to try on a deep blue suit right on her naked body. Such an outfit is well suited for negotiations, if a blouse is hidden under the jacket. The celebrity looked so impressive that it was impossible to take your eyes off.

Jessica Chastain appeared at the event in a dress with a “mythical” print: the actress favorably bared her slender legs, emphasizing them with classic black patent leather pumps.

Jennifer Lawrence decided to approach the situation democratically: she chose a polka-dot sundress and marked her waist with a black belt.

Monica Bellucci was no less effective than Delevingne. The actress emphasized the reference figure with a cloak-robe with a belt-tie at the waist. The star complemented the image with high-heeled boots.

Photo source: Legion-media

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