Sharp criticism of Nord Stream 2: US Senators urge Biden to impose sanctions


Sharp criticism in Nord Stream 2
US Senators urge Biden to impose sanctions

A few days before Trump’s end of office, the US government is imposing sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea. US Senators are now urging Joe Biden to implement them. Despite an offer from Germany.

US Senators are urging President Joe Biden to implement the sanctions passed in January against the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project from Russia to Germany. “We look forward to working with you to put an end to this dangerous project,” wrote Republican Senator Jim Risch and his Democratic colleague Jeanne Shaheen in a letter to the US government.

In it, the two authors refer to reports that the German government has “made an offer that would require the United States to disregard the statutory sanctions.” A US State Department spokesman reiterated that the pipeline is “bad business” for Europe.

Germany offers USA gas deal

This week, a letter from Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz dated August 2020 to the government of then President Donald Trump became known. The investment of one billion euros in infrastructure in Germany for the import of American liquefied gas is offered – if the USA waives sanctions against the completion and operation of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea gas pipeline.

The US rejects the construction of the 1200-kilometer-long tube on the grounds that it will make Europe even more dependent on Russian natural gas. However, the USA also wants to sell its gas in Europe itself.

Sharp criticism from Germany and Russia

Last December, the US Congress passed the “Law to Protect Europe’s Energy Security” (Peesa) with cross-party support. Despite sharp criticism from Germany and Russia, US President Donald Trump put the law into effect on December 20. The sanctions were aimed at the operating companies of the special ships that laid the pipes for the pipeline. Construction was initially stopped by Peesa. The Swiss company Allseas, which had laid pipes in the Baltic Sea with special ships, stopped work at the end of last year because of the impending US sanctions.

In Germany, proponents declare that Russian gas is needed for the energy transition. In addition, Russia always delivered reliably, even in Soviet times. The project has many advocates in the SPD

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