Shooting with daughters: Demi Moore is in a bathing mood

Shooting with daughters: Demi Moore is in a bathing mood

Shooting with daughters

Demi Moore is in a bathing mood

Demi Moore not only has an extremely friendly relationship with her three daughters, now the four women have also got a job together. Rumer, Scout, Tallulah and their mother pose for a swimwear label on a landing stage and spread the holiday mood.

US actress Demi Moore promotes swimwear with her three daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis. In a campaign for Andie Swimwear, the four women between 27 and 58 can be seen in bikinis and swimsuits. They skillfully pose on a jetty, on a wooden house or in the shower.

How much she was looking forward to the publication of the pictures, Demi Moore makes clear in a post on Instagram. “Today is the day! I’m so excited to finally share Andie Swimwear’s new campaign that celebrates solidarity and stands up for the people you love …” she writes. And affectionately adds: “It was only fitting that I could share this moment with the people I love most.”

“Perfect time …”

In another post, Moore writes: “In the past year, connecting with others has become more important than ever (…) And now, more than ever, it felt like a perfect time (…) around a summer of To welcome freedom and togetherness. “

It was important to her to include her daughters in this campaign, “and I hope that others in their lives will also seize opportunities to make meaningful connections and celebrate every moment with the people they love,” said Moore.

Rumer, Tallulah and Scout Willis are from Demi Moore’s marriage to Hollywood star Bruce Willis. The actor has been married to British model Emma Heming-Willis since 2009 and has two other daughters, Mabel and Evelyn.

The large family likes to show their blended happiness on social media. So it’s no wonder that Emma Hemming-Willis comments on the swimwear shoot under Demi Moore’s first post: “Simply beautiful”. And she is not alone, stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Rita Wilson and more are enthusiastic and praise the “beauty” of the four women.

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