Sia’s Film Demands To Divest From Golden Globe Nominations


The audience was outraged by the singer’s new film about an autistic girl.

Sia’s music film Music has recently been released, starring Kate Hudson and Maddie Ziegler. The film has already received two Golden Globe nominations for Best Music / Comedy Film and Best Actress in a Musical / Comedy (Kate Hudson).

The film tells about an autistic girl named Music and her guardian sister. Sia herself noted that her film is “a love letter to autists.” However, many viewers think otherwise.

A petition appeared on the platform calling for the film to be deprived of these nominations because it “promotes unfair treatment of people with disabilities” and “promotes harmful stereotypes about autists”. The petition has already been signed by over 57 thousand people. A number of other petitions also appeared, the authors of which demand that the Sia tape be completely banned.

In addition, indignant viewers note that the singer’s film is dangerous for people with epilepsy, since it contains a lot of sharp camera movements, bright lights and loud sounds.

Also, the authors of the petitions are outraged that during the casting, Sia did not consider people with autism, but immediately gave the main role to her dancer Maddie Ziegler, “because no project can do without her.”

Photo source: EastNews

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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