Singer Cher fights to free the elephant from the zoo “after 45 years of captivity”


This isn’t the first time the star has fought for wildlife rights.

The 74-year-old singer Cher is known not only for bright shows and incendiary hits. The performer fights for the rights of wild animals. She is the co-founder of Free the Wild, an organization dedicated to freeing captive zoo animals and adapting them to their natural habitat. Recently it became known that the singer sent a letter to Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson and Edmonton Valley Zoo Director Gary Dewar with a call to “release an elephant named Lucy after 45 years of captivity.” Cher asks to send a doctor to Lucy so that he can determine the state of her health.

Cher’s letter was written after Dr. Rick Quinn, veterinarian and director of the Jane Goodall Institute, sent a message to Free the Wild co-founder Gina Neltorp Cone, claiming that Lucy is the only elephant to have lived in subarctic conditions in Canada for over 40 years. Lucy has never been with other elephants and rarely interacts even with humans due to the limited opening hours of the Edmonton Valley Zoo. “She is overweight and suffers from severe arthritis and foot ailments. She can hardly bear the weight on her hind legs and because of an inappropriate diet suffers from dental problems and painful colic, due to which she fainted – she lay, slapping her belly with her trunk, ”the doctor writes in his message.

Cher asked to release Lucy, since she has about 15 years left to live, and during this time she can have time to join her natural habitat. The singer promised to find a peaceful solution to free the elephant and other animals.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ksenia Antonenko

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