“Sleeping peacefully”: US actor Johnny Crawford is dead

“Sleeping peacefully”: US actor Johnny Crawford is dead

“Peacefully asleep”

US actor Johnny Crawford is dead

The Mickey Mouse Club made him a child star, and at the age of only 13 he was even nominated for an Emmy. Now the US actor and singer Johnny Crawford has died at the age of 75.

Johnny Crawford is dead. The US actor and singer died on Thursday at the age of 75, as reported by the business magazine “Forbes” and the industry journal “Variety”, among others. He fell asleep peacefully in the presence of his wife Charlotte. The cause of death is currently unknown.

In 2019 it became public that Crawford was fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Later, according to “Variety”, he allegedly got infected with the coronavirus and also suffered from pneumonia. Most recently, according to his management, he lived in a memorial residence.

Emmy nomination at age 13

Although the actor suffered greatly from his illness, he kept his smile until the end because he was always surrounded by loved ones. “His loving family looks after him and his friends visit the window,” his management reported last year.

The former child star became known through the TV series “Mickey Mouse Club”. At the age of only 13 he was nominated for an Emmy for the western series “West of Santa Fé” (originally “The Rifleman”). Crawford also appeared in the comedy series “Mr. Ed”, in “Murder is Her Hobby” and “Hawaii Five-O”. He was also active as a singer. Over the years it became quieter around him. In 1995 he married his childhood sweetheart Charlotte Samco, with whom he had started dating again in 1990.

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