Smart speaker market will grow by 21% in 2021

Smart speaker market will grow by 21% in 2021

According to the forecast of the research company Canalys, the market of smart speakers will grow by 21% in 2021 and will reach 163 million units. This year, the largest growth is observed in the Chinese market, which is expected to grow by 16%, while in the rest of the regions there is an increase of only 3%, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to analysts, the total installed base of smart speakers will double by 2024 and reach 640 million devices. Most of these sales will come from Chinese consumers, followed by the US market in second place. As the only global player in China, Apple will grow its sales with the $ 99 HomePod mini. Experts expect the smart speaker market to become stronger and recover in 2021, including outside China.

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