Snoop Dogg published a video with Maxim Galkin

Snoop Dogg published a video with Maxim Galkin

The humorous video has received over 3 million views.

World famous rapper Snoop Dogg posted a funny video from Maxim Galkin’s program “Best of All” on his Instagram microblog. In the video, the Russian TV presenter is talking to a little boy who loves to play chess.

Galkin admits that he cannot keep him company in this game, because he does not have the necessary skills. The host invited grandmaster Anatoly Karpov as a rival for the novice chess player. The boy got scared and shouted: “Mom.”

The video is accompanied by subtitles in English and the caption: “All gangsters until Anatoly Karpov enters the game.”

Snoop Dogg published a video with Maxim Galkin

There are already more than 5 thousand comments on Snoop Dogg’s publications, including from Russians.

“The most unexpected post by Snoop Dogg”, “I watch Galkin at Snoop Dogg, today nothing will surprise me,” write shocked netizens.

Maxim Galkin also noticed a humorous video with his participation from Snoop Dogg and put a laughing smiley in the comments.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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